Bugs crawling to the supermarket shelves: The new world of insect-based consumer package goods. An entire category of incredibly healthy, very sustainable, yummy food has been forgotten by two continents, Europe and North America, and has been deeply underutilized in the others. Even in countries where bugs are eaten, they are rarely cooked in recipes, like for any other ingredient, nor are they processed in food. But now edible insects are finally being transformed in packaged food products. Is this the best alternative protein (and the next big thing in the industry)?


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Massimo Reverberi

Founder, Bugsolutely and President of AFFIA (ASEAN edible insect association)

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Massimo got a degree in Political Science at Università Statale di Milano, then in 1996 he cofounded Prima Pagina, a medium-sized PR and digital communication agency. After 17 years managing the company and a great team of marketing professionals, he left the city and moved to South East Asia, looking for new challenges. He found the best one in Thailand, with Bugsolutely.

URL - www.bugsolutely.com