Is Alternative Protein Still "Alternative"?

How meat alternatives are becoming mainstream


Ricky Lai

Ricky Lai

CEO, FWM Restaurants

In 2017, FWM Restaurants Group acquired “The Butchers Club”, a Hong Kong based dry aged beef specialist which has been listed in Micheline Guide for three consecutive years. FWM has taken The Butchers Club to mainland China with four units opened in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen and more to come. The Butchers Club has worked with Beyond Meat since its launching in Hong Kong with Beyond Classic and Beyond Wu Tang, two vegan version of The Butchers Club’s signature Classic and Wu Tang burgers and has been awarded “Go Green Champion” by Green Monday in 2018.

Jenny Ng

Executive Director, Green Monday & Green Common

As an entrepreneur, Jenny Ng has a strong personal commitment to contribute to a more sustainable world. She joined Green Monday with the urge to make social changes globally and has co-created Green Common where she curated the unique plant-based product selection, bringing in many of the leading and innovative plant based brands to Hong Kong. She is a founding member of Right{treat}, the latest venture of Green Monday, where the pioneering Omnipork is created to revolutionise the Asian market.