orgAnic 2.0

Eating organic food is no longer a novelty.  What are the new frontiers of organic food and beverages?

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Sonalie Figueiras

Founder Green Queen & Ekowarehouse

Sonalie Figueiras is the founder and editor-in-chief of Green Queen, Hong Kong's largest health and wellness media platform and the founder and CEO of Ekowarehouse, the global sourcing platform for certified organic products. With over a decade of experience in publishing, SEO, digital marketing, organic trade and health journalism, she is a wellness industry veteran with a keen eye for market trends and a regular on the speaking circuit. 


Alvin kwok

CEO, Magic Season Organics

Magic Season is a family-run farm business that is passionate about healthy living and eating organic. It is dedicated to producing the highest quality organic produce in an environmentally sustainable way. It offers affordable healthy organic vegetables and fruits delivered right to your doorstep.

Magic Season first opened its doors in 2002. In partnership with professors from Hong Kong University, Magic Season developed a fermentation process to convert organic waste into high quality organic fertilizers. Its fermentation method recycles the nutrients from the waste and produces a valuable agricultural commodity. Magic Season has created an environmentally sustainable process of recycling and reusing organic matter and minimizing waste in the landfills.