Zero Waste

Zero waste warriors share with us their journey - challenges and wins along the way, and how you can also take part in this meaningful endeavour



Founder & CEO, NO!W No Waste

At the end of 2015, Fanny started to read Bea Johnson’s bestseller Zero Waste Home. This was a turning point: she realized it was high time for her to embrace a more responsible lifestyle by considerably reducing her waste. However, she couldn’t find a platform offering all the products she needed to start her zero waste journey. Having 15 years experience in designing websites, she decided to challenge herself a second time and create an online shop that would gather all the best alternatives to plastics and disposables.

That’s how NO!W was born.



Founder, LoopUnite!

Paola Cortese is a zero waster in Hong Kong who has managed to fill all her waste in 2017 into a glass jar. She is also the Founder of LoopUnite! - the world's first Zero Waste Hub. LoopUnite! is a digital platform with a vision is to be the go to ‘glocal’ hub: educating the need for a waste free environment by practicing the Zero Waste lifestyle with our workshops and consultation programmes, and offering the most sustainable retail experience to all, brought by curated selections of LoopTribe Leaders, and guided by the highest standard of sustainability - the Circular Economy standard.


Cristina L McLauchlan

Freelance / Consultant : Ethical Publicist