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9:30—Welcome address


Lily Ng: CEO, Foodie





Sindy Wong: Head of Tourism & Hospitality, Invest Hong Kong, The Government of Hong Kong S.A.R.


9:45—The Big Picture

Diving into global trends in food demand and supply, the issues we face, and how we can cope and change our direction.

Talk 1

Mr. Richard Brubaker: China Europe International Business School (Shanghai)

The presentation will focus on lessons (and cautionary tales) that China has to offer for feeding the next billion(s). Our need to move beyond the GMO vs. Orgnizs debate, how to look at waste differently, and the scalability of solutions.


Talk 2: Hong Kong's Invisible Food Crisis

Dr. Daisy Tam: Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong has one of the most dynamic food scenes in the world, with highest number of restaurants per capita, it is perhaps no surprise that the city calls itself Asia’s gourmet city. With such abundance, it is difficult to imagine a future that is otherwise. However our urban food system is not sustainable and we are not food secure. With changing awareness and increasing movements taking place, the time is right for industry and civil society to come together and push for change.

Sponsored by Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation 孔憲紹慈善基金贊助


10:30—The Big Gamble

Global VCs and angel investors place their bets on the next big food trends and technologies.  

Joseph Zhou: Investment Partner, Bits x Bites Accelerator & VC (CN)

David Yeung: Co-Founder, Green Monday




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CBRE-HK-Nicola Tang.jpg

Dining in 2020

11:30 am


Hunger for Growth: Unlocking Opportunities in Hong Kong Food & Beverage Retail

Nicola Tang: CBRE

Food & beverage operators are growing in popularity in the Hong Kong real estate sector. The segment continues to be the most resilient in contrast to other retail trades, and the opportunity for expansion remains positive. How are landlords responding to growing demand from F&B retailers? Which areas across Hong Kong should F&B operators be looking at? What are the emerging trends?

Murray Mackenzie_KK0608.jpg



Dr. Murray MacKenzie: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

In the presentation, Dr. MacKenzie will share recent survey results on two topics - as consumers are increasingly seeking out and responding to health information, how the behaviour is reflected in their lifestyle and dining choices; and issues associated with food miles (how far food travels from source to our dining table) has triggered unprecedented consumer demand for healthy and environment-friendly products. 

Dining in 2020 panel

12:15 pm

Restauranteurs and industry stalwarts discuss evolving dining trends and trajectories

[Moderator] Alicia Walker:
Chief editor, Foodie

Christian G. Mongendre: Founder & CEO, HOME - Eat to Live

Christopher Mark: C0-Founder, Blacksheep Restaurants

Joshua Chu: F&B Director & PARTNER, HomeGrown Foods

James Sharman: Chef / Co-Founder, One Star House Party

Andrew Twells: Regional Culinary DirectoR APAC, Compass Group Asia


1:15 - 2:00 pm


Adjourn for a healthy meal packed with organic ingredients and superfoods and prepared with minimal processing


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Fireside Chats & Roundtables

2:00 - 6:00 pm

Smaller group deep-dives into key challenges and game-changers in:

FOOd packaging & Sustainable ocean Health

To maintain sustainable seafood supply, we must first create a sustainable ocean environment.  What are the challenges and triumph?   


Bugs crawling to the supermarket shelves: The new world of insect-based consumer package goods

organic 2.0

Eating organic food is no longer a novelty.  What are the new frontiers of organic food and beverages?

Urban Farming

 Growing vegetables in concrete jungles can be fun, fruitful and a great way to engage citizens and corporations

Green Monday- The Beyond meat FULL story

As Hong Kong-ers sample and loving the beyond meat burgers, the full story of how the patties make their way from the lab to the grill is a fascinating one




2:00 - 3:00pm

Zero waste warriors share with us their journey - challenges and wins along the way, and how you can also take part in this meaningful endeavour


Sustainability on the menu

3:00 - 4:00pm

Customers say they want to eat sustainably, and restaurants want to serve so.  But are we there yet?  Hear from the warriors who are championing sustainability from the kitchen to the menu

dinner disrupters

4:00 - 5:00pm

What factors are changing our food habits? An overview of 5 trends influencing the food we eat, including specific examples that show us a very different possible future. Insights into 2-3 companies that are responding to these changes




2:00 - 6:00 pm

Selected companies will showcase latest research and innovations in the food and dining space

菇菌圓 The Mushroom Initiative





City Hydroponics

Urban Spring

Livin Farms

OKLIN International

Gr8 ChoiceHK

Loyal Wines


Closing Reception

6:00 - 7:30 pm

There's nothing better to bring us back to the present with some wine, bubbly and small bites.