*Expect changes and amendments, as we are regularly adding to this agenda as details of our speakers and events are finalised


*Coffee, breakfast, lunch and future-friendly snacks are included in each day's ticket price

- Registration & Networking Breakfast -



Serving a mix of bagel options powered by Schragels.


Opening Remarks



Headliner and experts sharing thoughts on our Food’s Future.


Panel 1: The Next Gamble

Find out what the investors and Venture Capitalists are placing their bets and funding on, and why these will be next big food-related innovations.



- Morning Break -

Break time snacks and drinks supplied by Spice Box Organics.


Panel 2: Dining Trends - From SF to HK

Our signature panel of top restauranteurs sharing their thoughts and experiences on succeeding in the dining space, and the culinary intersections, influences and ingenuity shaping our food's future.

Tanya Holland
, Executive Chef/Owner, Brown Sugar Kitchen (San Francisco)
Brandon Jew, Executive Chef/Owner, Mister Jiu’s (San Francisco)
Shane Osborn, Executive Chef/Owner, Arcane & Cornerstone (Hong Kong)
David Lai, Culinary Director, Fish School (Hong Kong)
Moderated by
Alicia Walker, Editor in Chief, Foodie


Panel 3: Spotlight on San Francisco - Unicorn Thinking

Meet some of the leading firms and personalities from the SF Bay Area, learn about the latest technologies and trends coming out of Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, and how they can impact the global food space.



- Innovation Showcase Opens -

Asia’s newest groundbreaking companies display their latest innovations.


- Lunch Break -

Lunch supplied by Saladstop!

We are planning a special “world’s first” demonstration during lunch break. Stay tuned for more information.



Afternoon Focus I - Futureproofing Food

Are science laboratories the new farms? We'll bring you up to scratch on the global state of alternative protein and take you on a 360-degree examination of the impact and issues surrounding protein alternatives beyond the IPO-hype and headlines. We will also explore how technology is improving what we eat and adding new dimensions to our dishes.


Panel 4: 2019 State of Play

Presentation by The Good Food Institute.


Panel 5: The New Protein Pioneers


Panel 6: Enlightened Edibles - Putting the “Super” in Food



- Afternoon Break -


Future Friday: The Next Alternative Meats Beyond Burgers

Introduction of brand new future-forward products and tasting during afternoon break. Stay tuned for more information.



Afternoon Focus II - Dining Disruptions

Join us on a journey through the burgeoning space of new food technologies and innovations that are shaping the way we dine one byte at a time. Find out how data, AI, robotics and other newfangled technologies can change your menus, business and environmental impact.


- Exclusive Launch Announcement -


Panel: The Next Byte


The Food’s Future Gala hosted by Asia Society Hong Kong

* Tickets sold separately

For the first time, the Food's Future Summit will hold a Food's Future Gala hosted by Asia Society Hong Kong. Look forward to an exclusive one-night only menu created and cooked up by 3 world-class chefs using an array of future-forward ingredients and produce.

  • The inaugural Food’s Future Innovation Awards presentation



After each panel discussion, we will plan a 30 minute break.

- Registration & Networking Breakfast -



Serving a mix of bagel options powered by Schragels.

- Innovation Showcase Opens -

Panel 1: How To Be The Next Big Food Disruption

What does it take to be the next big thing in the food space? Find out how accelerators and incubators are nurturing the next generation of food disruptors and innovations.



Panel 2: Blockchain In Our Food Chain

Move beyond the crypto frenzy and find out why and how blockchain applications in food supply and custody can address important food safety and security challenges.


- Lunch Break -

Lunch supplied by Beef & Liberty


Panel 3: Reducing our Carbon Food-print Post-Plastic Straws

Ways restaurants and F&B businesses to reduce impact on the environment - latest efforts on the sustainable front in restaurants and the food industry.

Panel 4: Artificially Intelligent Foods: Data Driven Diets

Food's future is getting personal. Does data know us better than we know ourselves? Find out how data and AI are helping to predict and pre-empt personalised dietary needs, and all the leading technologies making an impact on our dietary destinies.

Panel 5: NasmasTaste - The New Age of Conscious Consumers

Who are the flexitarians? Heard of sober-curiousity? How our increasing pursuit of wellness is reshaping the food and dining landscape.


- Closing Reception -