How Sweden Designs Our Food's Future

Movers and shakers from this progressive nation in Scandinavia sharing lessons, examples and policies showing how Sweden is helping design our planet's future of food

Professor Lars Montelius

Prof. Lars Montelius

Director General, INL

Professor Lars Montelius has held the position of Director General for INL, The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory located in Braga, Portugal, since 1 September 2014. INL is the only true international by status nanotechnology RTO worldwide. He is also a professor in Nanotechnology at Lund University, Sweden. His 30 years of work in nanotechnology has centred on lithography & processing applied to various nanodevices.

Annika Grälls

Project Manager, Alfred Nobel Science Park

Founder, Food Tech

Annika Grälls works with food and meal innovations at the Alfred Nobel Science Park. Cross-industry work between industry, society and research aimed at developing innovations for working products or services for a future sustainable society. She has previously worked with the experience of the meal, her own innovations and to write books. With one of her books she has won the jury special award at the Gourmand World Media Awards. For other books she has received a prize for excellent design. Today she is working on food and packaging solutions for hospitals, climate smart food for schools and Food Tech.

Johan Jorgensen

Johan Jörgensen

Founder and Partner, Sweden Foodtech

With 20+ years of experience in the Internet sector, Johan Jörgensen coaches and invests in Internet companies with scalable and disruptive capabilities. Since a few years, he has gone ‘all in’ on food. Solving the Big Question on how to feed soon 9 billion people in a healthy and sustainable way demands all the innovation we can produce. When the biggest industry on the planet gets disrupted, times will be exciting.


Tommy Leung

Founder & Managing Director, GAFELL

Tommy Leung is the founder and Managing Director of GAFELL, a start-up with Swedish origins producing delicious ready meals in Hong Kong. In 2017, GAFELL built a state-of-the-art food facility in the city and its food is available at major retailers, cafes, restaurants and hotels across Hong Kong. GAFELL is working to introduce locally produced frozen meals for flexitarians with both meat and plant-based options. Before GAFELL Tommy worked in food trading, packaging and e-commerce. He holds a Msc in Business Administration from Stockholm University.