Expect changes and amendments, as we are regularly adding to this agenda as details of our speakers and events are finalised.

Friday 11th October

Main stage starting at 9:00am

Opening Keynote

Headliner and experts sharing thoughts on our Food’s Future


Panel 1: The Next Gamble

Explore with VCs and investors who are betting on the next big food-related innovations


Panel 2: Dining Trends

Our signature panel. Meaningful discussions with top restauranteurs on the culinary intersections, influences and ingenuity taking place now


Panel 3: Spotlight on San Francisco - Unicorn Thinking

Discussions with the leading firms / personalities from the SF Bay Area sharing insights on the latest technology and innovation in the food space


Presentation Deep Dives - Afternoon

Topic 1: The (Petri) Dish on Food

We will learn about the state of alternative protein globally and a 360-examination of the impact and issues around alternative protein, now and moving forward


Topic 2: Dining Disruptions - Tech and Beyond

We will examine new food tech and innovations that are shaping the way we dine; how data can help and impact what goes on the dining plate, the environment and your business


[Food’s Future Gala hosted by Asia Society Hong Kong]


Saturday 12th October


How To Be The Next Big Food Disruption

How accelerators and incubators are nurturing the next generation of food disruptors and innovations.

Blockchain In Our Food Chain

Blockchain applications in food supply and custody

Reducing Your Carbon “Footprint” Beyond Plastic Straws

Latest in sustainable efforts by restaurants and the F&B industry


Artificially Intelligent Foods: Data Driven Personalized Diets, Health and Food Tech

How data and AI is helping to predict personalised diet needs and leading tech that are making an impact


F is for Flexitarian and Other Emerging Consumer Trends

Who are flexitarians? Heard of sober-conscious? New consumer trends that are making ways to how we eat and shaping restaurants and what’s on the grocery shelves.