Amice Wong

Amice Wong founded BACHcode, a tech-led healthcare startup, aims to drive the healthy eating lifestyle and to perfect the preventive healthcare industries with useful AI technologies.

BACHcode’s ReHealthier Cloud, a Health Analytic-as-a-Service Cloud platform, where health prediction models and correlation algorithms are developed to (1) analyse, 2) predicts and 3) monitor users’ subtle change of health so as to intervene and 4) prescribe instant and the most effective personalized healthy eating advice. This modifies the existing dietary lifestyle to promote optimum health.

ReHealthier is now a Health Analytic-as-a-Service Cloud platform. API and sample code are available for insurance and healthcare partners. Reference users from: China Life Insurance, Citibank, Bayer, etc.

Prior to founding BACHcode, Amice worked in IT and Medical industries focusing on business development and product management

Amice will be presenting in Session 2: Artificially Intelligent Food