Blockchain in Our Food Chain

What is blockchain? And is it the solution to the problems within the food industry? 

Susan Evans

Susan Evans

Founder & CEO, Melee

Susan Evans is an entrepreneur, consultant and lecturer in innovation and design. Her vision, practice and research are focused on the creation of new regenerative eco-systems that can drive next-economy business and society. A mathematician, computer scientist and statistician with proven creative leadership expertise.

Lars Montelius

Prof. Lars Montelius

Director General, INL

Professor Lars Montelius has held the position of Director General for INL, The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory located in Braga, Portugal, since 1 September 2014. INL is the only true international by status nanotechnology RTO worldwide. He is also a professor in Nanotechnology at Lund University, Sweden. His 30 years of work in nanotechnology has centred on lithography & processing applied to various nanodevices.

Musheer Ahmed

Musheer Ahmed

General Manager, Fintech Association of Hong Kong

Musheer Ahmed is the General Manager of Fintech Association of Hong Kong. He has an extensive background in financial services and technology, having been a global markets trader for a decade, and a management consultant following his MBA. He is a founding member of Fintech Association of Hong Kong and a member of UN ESCAP Economic Sustainable Business Network (ESBN) Youth and Women Entrepreneurs Taskforce (YET) and co-founder of IndiaTech Hong Kong.

Toby Overmaat

Toby Overmaat

Dapp Investment Advisor, EOS Mediterranean

Toby Overmaat is an entrepreneur in the healthcare and bioinformatics space. She has a background in semiconductors, finance, and design, and holds and MBA and Masters of Electrical Engineering degree. Toby is a core member of EOS Mediterranean node, which is focused on enabling blockchain in multiple fields, including finance, blockchain governance, agriculture, and consumer blockchain access.


Tomaž Levak

Co-Founder & CEO, OriginTrail

Tomaž Levak been on a mission to build transparency in supply chains since 2011. He managed tech projects in Europe and the Middle East. An H-Farm alum, he is also a member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance Supply Chain working group.

OriginTrail is a part of one of the most exciting trends in the industry that just might transform it in its core. By bringing decentralisation to supply chains, OriginTrail will entire change the way the food industry thinks about brokering trust.