Chef Brandon Jew

Chef Brandon Jew is the chef/owner of Mister Jiu’s. He grew up grocery shopping in San Francisco’s Chinatown with his grandmother - where he found his greatest inspiration. He spent ten months traveling in Northern Italy, where he staged at Ristorante la Pernice e la Gallina in Bologna. Looking to explore his Chinese cultural roots, he traveled to Shanghai to cook at the Museum of Modern Art for eight months. Since 2016 he has continued to celebrate his Chinese heritage at his acclaimed San Francisco restaurant Mister Jiu’s. 

Mister Jiu’s, which puts a modern Californian spin on the Cantonese classics, has brought some of the sparkle back to San Francisco’s Chinatown that once made this neighborhood a national dining destination. Chef Jew is focused on incorporating authentic Chinese ingredients and local produce into his dishes and, impressively, makes all his Chinese pantry staples in-house. Mister Jiu’s was awarded the highly coveted Michelin star within its first year of opening. Chef Jew was named the Best San Francisco Chef of 2017 by Thrillist. 

Brandon is speaking on Panel 2: Dining in 2030 - From SF to HK