Christian G. Mongendre

Christian G. Mongendre is widely recognized as one of the visionaries behind the plant-based movement in Hong Kong. The French American national has a double degree from Paul Bocuse Institute, with a double major in Culinary Arts and International Hotel & Restaurant Management. Before returning to Hong Kong, his birthplace, Mongendre worked for Michelin three star Chef Alain Ducasse. Once here, he founded and opened three small plant-themed restaurants in the city before founding HOME – Eat To Live.

Mongendre’s strong beliefs when it comes to healthy food stem from his mother’s struggle with cancer and subsequent efforts to enhance his performance as a competitive rower. While experimenting with a plant based diet, successful results enabled Mongendre to realize that “healthy food not only supports a better life., and must also fuel the heart”.

With this belief in mind, HOME-Eat To Live was created. “It is our responsibility as restaurant owners to serve the highest quality nutritious food to people,” says Mongendre. “A plant based diet brings one into ecological harmony with creation and is a necessary part of a major planetary shift in consciousness. Home – Eat To Live allows us to eat well and connect with one another at the same time.”

Christian will be speaking at Session 5: NamasTaste - The New Age of Conscious Consumers