Daniel Jongejan

Daniel leads PUR Projet’s Asia-Pacific Project Development Team and is based in the regional headquarters of PUR Projet in Thailand. Daniel holds a bachelor degree in management and economics and a master degree in development studies with a specialization in natural resources management. Prior to working with PUR Projet, Daniel supported the development of strategies to include small-scale gold miners and coffee farmers in national policies in Colombia.

Daniel successfully developed socio-environmental projects with farmers that produce rice, cocoa, coffee, sugarcane, tea and patchouli. In 2017, Daniel successfully developed a new rice bran supply chain in Thailand for a multinational company, which involves paying premiums to farmers and planting trees to compensate the sustainability stakes of the donor in its own supply chain. In 2019, Daniel designed and signed a novel program with a large Belgian company, which entails both installing and converting cocoa agroforestry farms.

The program is leveraged by Climate Finance and is implemented in The Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and Mexico.

Daniel will be speaking at Session 4: Reducing our Carbon Foodprint Post-Plastic Straws