Leo Chiu

Leo Chiu is a hands-on practitioner and a tech savvy entrepreneur.  After completing secondary education in Hong Kong, Leo fought his way into Stanford University. He graduated with a MS degree in Management Science and Technology (aka Operations Research & Engineering Economics).  
After graduation Leo was recruited into Morgan Stanley’s New York office.  Finding Wall Street is not his cup of tea, Leo went back to Stanford and started his STEM career in Silicon Valley.  

Leo was a core contributor at his last 4 big data/AI startups serving in the role of CTO or first engineer where he demonstrated his skills in AI and big data. All these startups led to successful IPOs or M&A exits with a combined market valuation of over US$1B.

Before joining Click Ventures, Leo was the venture partner of Spike Ventures (a venture fund for Stanford University Alumni), focusing on blockchain, AI and big data related ventures. He was also actively coaching the youths and young adults on the topic of innovation driven entrepreneurship via various mentorship programs and the mainstream media as public speaker and lecturer.

Leo will be speaking in Session 3: Blockchain In Our Food Chain