Liam Collette

Liam Collette

Liam Collette is the Managing Director International of PizzaExpress. He manages over 80 restaurants in 10 markets, namely Hong Kong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Gibraltar, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Philippines and Qatar.

He joined PizzaExpress Finance department in London, United Kingdom since 2010 and moved to Hong Kong in May 2016 to take on the role of General Manager, PizzaExpress Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore and Franchises. In late 2017, Liam has taken the helm of the international markets and becoming Managing Director International of PizzaExpress.

Liam oversees all aspects of PizzaExpress’ international expansion and operations. He enhanced the brand’s international portfolio by developing new markets in Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Philippines as well as added 30 restaurants internationally.

Under Liam’s leadership, PizzaExpress International not only prides itself on the high growth markets, but also acts as the Brand’s innovation hub that constantly offers new excitements for its customers. Liam pioneered the menus launch, such as 100% plant-based Beyond Chicken Calzone; fresh pastas; “Food for Thought” campaign with sustainable ingredients and vegan cheese pizzas.

Moreover, with “Cook-off” Campaign’s concept of “Beyond the rivalry, sublimate the food”, Liam brought in notable and aspiring chefs from different culinary backgrounds to indulge customers with an exotic sensory gourmet journey.

Apart from having a keen business mindset, Liam also blended in PizzaExpress’ heritage of serving food responsibly, aiming at creating excitements as well as encouraging everyone to walk with PizzaExpress to a more sustainable future.

Given his wealth of knowledge and understanding of different markets, Liam continues to seize the opportunities of expansion as well as bringing insights to the team on food, hospitality and technology trends.

Originally from the food and coffee paradise Melbourne, Australia, Liam is excited by the opportunity to build a truly international brand which caters for its local markets while introducing an authentic taste of pizza in style. This ability to adapt to different cultures is the bedrock of PizzaExpress’ success across the globe and, is so fitting given Liam’s truly international background. Local relevance is genuinely at the heart of the PizzaExpress empire.