Manav Gupta

Manav Gupta is the Founder & CEO of Brinc, a venture accelerator that invests in founders around the world that are developing technology-enabled physical products across their many global programs with support functions, covering sourcing, manufacturing, sales & inventory backed lending.

Manav has invested in 43 companies through Brinc across the areas of connected hardware, robotics & drones with impact areas covering the human body (how we feel), spaces/offices/homes/cities (how we live), sustainable food supplies & systems (how we eat), mobility/transportation (how we move). He is working to transform the traditional VC industry (that has been very hands off in the past) through deep rooted support for founders with programs, services, equity/debt & a variety of technology systems and tools that are heavily rooted in AI/ML for qualification, verification, investments, education & extended support. His goal is to have Brinc support the entire lifecycle of early stage product development.

As a life long vegetarian he's also excited today to launch a new program in Food Tech that's focused on enabling capabilities, resources and capital for founders building plant based alternates to dairy, meat & seafood. Brinc's Food program is launching this year in HK and aims to truly make an impact towards developing a more sustainable food supply with a focus on the Chinese market (that aims to go 50% vegetarian by 2030).

Brinc is a ultra hands-on venture accelerator with programs in Connected Hardware, Robotics & Drones. Brinc has offices in Hong Kong, China, Middle East & Europe from where it runs programs, provides supportive services and capital to help founders move as quickly as they possibly can to launch their businesses. Brinc's portfolio of 43 companies has global founders from over 22 countries who have joined its programs since inception 3 years ago. Brinc is going to make an additional 25+ investments in Q4 2018 with a lofty goal to invest in over 100 companies in its first 5 years of operations.