Manuel Gonzales

Manuel is the Founder & Managing Partner of Global RIFF.

He created the Food & Agriculture (“F&A”) Startup Innovation Group and the new global platform and impactful brands (FoodBytes! and TERRA) that brought the F&A innovation ecosystem to Rabobank. FoodBytes! and TERRA were both born in 2013 with a simple (but ambitious) goal in mind-- to help feed the world in a sustainable way. With numerous successes and ample learnings, Manuel realized this partnership with entrepreneurs striving to remove the mask created by mass production and standardization, and in turn changing the way people are fed, is a problem Manuel is committed to helping solve.

In his newest venture as CEO and Managing Partner of Global RIFF, the Revolution in Food Fund, Manuel is continuing his mission to discover, invest and develop founders leading the revolution in food through food tech, ag tech, biohacking, food management technology, and new food CPG.

Manuel is speaking on Friday at 9am on Panel 1: The Next GamblePanel 1: The Next Gamble