Foodie Marketplace: Future Edition

Fancy taking home some future-forward products foods or products that are good for you and the environment?  Start-ups and companies will be offering some of the latest and intriguing products and services that allow us to embrace our future a little closer today.  This future edition of Foodie Marketplace will take place on both Friday and Saturday. More vendors being confirmed and added frequently. Please check back.


Biorna Quantics

Biorna Quantics has a vision—"to democratise health science, to give you clarity and simplify complicated test results for you to understand your own health, and more importantly, achieve your personal fitness and nutritional goals."

They offer more than 50 proprietary self-testing kits that track over 400 biomarkers, so you can learn more about your unique nutritional and metabolic requirements. 


Choice Healthy Foods

Choice Healthy Foods is a leading producer of gluten free foods that are locally produced in our bakery. Our products are made to order in a zero contamination, 100% gluten free facility. Our mission is to promote clean eating by baking gluten free versions of regular food items, such as our artisanal breads, free from cakes and flourless treats.


Choose Right Today

Choose Right Today has a mission—to educate Hong Kong people on how to make the right choices towards buying and dining on sustainable seafood. There is much to be done to educate our people and catalyse the change needed.



Dishtag is a search & social platform for food. Search for a dish with visual search. Take your dish pic and “dishtag” to share. Follow restaurants to discover the latest dishes.

As a food lover, use Dishtag to discover dishes in Hong Kong through a visual search feature with up-to-date picture menus, dish descriptions and prices; share your favourite food experiences with friends, family and fellow food lovers; stay on top of all the new openings and the hottest new dishes in Hong Kong by following popular Dishtaggers.

As a restaurant, use Dishtag to create an eye-catching visual menu with dish photos, accurate descriptions and prices of each dish; gain control of your digital footprint on a social app dedicated to food; connect your visual menus with existing customers and new diners so they can discover your signature dishes and check out what’s new.

As a food photographer joining the Dishtag photographers network, you'll be part of a platform that allows photographers to easily connect with restaurants and earn regular income.

Gafell logo web.jpg


Gafell aims to revolutionise the food industry by showing that ready meals can be healthy and delicious; prepared with love and care for our health, respect for our ingredients and planet. Besides using sustainable and responsible ingredients as far as possible, Gafell is also in the process of obtaining the world’s highest standard of food safety certification under GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).


International Culinary Institute

The International Culinary Institute (ICI) is one of the 13 member institutions of the Vocational Training Council (VTC).  It is committed to training and developing talent in culinary art, wine and event management to sustain Hong Kong’s status as Asia’s wine-and-dine destination. The ICI offers a wide range of quality professional culinary programmes covering European, Mediterranean, American, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines.  It also provides wine and international theme park and event management programmes to groom aspiring youths for career development in the culinary, wine and hospitality industry.

Little Sweetness

Little Sweetness

Little Sweetness is founded by students from School and Hotel and Tourism Management, PolyU, and is an untiring advocate of low-GI eating style, dedicated to serve the diabetes community and people who care about their health through providing relevant information and establishing restaurant partnerships.

Minor Figures

Minor Figures

London-based Minor Figures is Europe’s leading nitro cold brew manufacturer. The three lads originally from London's coffee scene are upping the quality of iced coffee for the millennial market, coffee literate and those seeking more exciting and healthier products. Minor Figures are obsessed with sourcing, roasting and brewing amazing seasonal coffees that are dairy free with no added sugars.  

Oat Milk is taking over as the preferred non-dairy milk in the best coffee shops in Europe and the U.S.  Naturally, Minor Figures also has a barista Oat M*lk that is also now available in Hong Kong. Minor Figures is distributed by Jireh Health in Hong Kong. 


Oklin International

Oklin International provides an innovative food waste management solution for commercial and residential applications. Oklin’s composters turn food waste into compost in 24 hours, ensuring that food waste is diverted from landfill. Our composters help businesses and homes reduce their carbon footprint, while producing a compost that can be used. It is a closed loop cycle that is easy to implement, and a long term sustainable solution.


Pear & Carrot

Since their establishment in the 2012, Pear & Carrot has grown to become a leading importer and distributor of Nordic food and beverage brands. Today, their extensive distribution network offers unprecedented access to the dynamic markets of Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

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Sabatino Tartufi

SABATINO TARTUFI is a family business founded in 1911 in Umbria, Italy. Over many years the company has been run by the members of one family, with the same respect and love for their land, hard work and family values. Truffle is the most mysterious and precious fruit of the forest, highly sought after for its unique and complex aromas, so delicate that it takes great knowledge and skill to preserve the taste and quality intact. SABATINO TARTUFI is a company combining deep rooted Italian traditions with modern technologies to offer you the most authentic truffle experience all over the world. The company has production sites in Italy (Umbria) and in the US (Connecticut) and branch offices worldwide, including New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Toronto, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Today it is a large, dynamic and innovative company. However few things never change: family values, Italian quality and our love for truffles.


Umami Concepts

The company behind Crafted 852, Umami Concepts has been helping HK foodies share their passion for a decade through their interactive cooking space and artisanal product offerings.


Urban Grow

Urban Grow, a Hong Kong farm, is focused on growing safe, fresh and nutritious greens for the locals, while also promoting urban farming to raise awareness of how we choose our food and the impact that it can have on health, the local community and the planet.

Urban Grow is founded by 4 aspiring young graduates from PolyU, with a humble idea of kickstarting sustainable farming in the most densely populated city in the world. Since 2017, they have partnered with local businesses and their alma mater to hold markets and workshops, and supplying to local restaurants.