May Chow

Named Asia’s Best Female Chef 2017, May Chow has garnered both critical acclaim and a loyal following of diners. Whether presenting a personal take on classic Chinese flavours in a casual American-style diner setting or elevating traditional recipes with all the refinement and sophistication of fine-dining, Chow is committed to exploring, redefining and exalting the value of traditional ingredients and local culinary history.

Chow burst onto Hong Kong’s foodie scene in 2013 with Little Bao; a hipster haven serving inimitable Chinese burgers. Five years later, the buzz around Little Bao has hardly died down. The restaurant’s baby head logo is seen on stickers and t-shirts around Hong Kong and beyond, Chow’s Chinese-American burger invention continues to turn heads and her top-notch drink selections keep tongues wagging.

Preserving tradition while pursuing progress is an ethos Chow put into practice once again with Happy Paradise. Happy Paradise reinforces Chow’s position at the culinary vanguard; forging the future of Chinese cuisine without losing its original essence. Chow has reinvigorated classic recipes and put under-appreciated ingredients in the limelight. Her personal takes on braised pomelo peel, char siu rice bowls, and shrimp toast are as satisfying for nostalgic locals looking for a taste of home as for neophiles seeking a brand new experience.

Chow’s culinary inventiveness and style create something that is more than the sum of its parts; a compelling combination upon which she has built her international reputation. Chow has been selected as a guest judge for MasterChef Asia and Top Chef in America and appeared as a speaker at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. Original and impossible to replicate, Chow’s work is underwritten by dynamic cross-cultural know-how, innovation and an understanding of what makes diners really tick.