Paul H. Measor

Paul H. Measor is foodpanda’s Commercial Director and has been a key pillar of the company’s growth from plucky start-up to now an established market force. Paul joined foodpanda as the Head of Sales in 2016 and was a key part of the team as the company listed in Germany and brought on board some of the top brands in Hong Kong such as KFC, Maxim’s and Tai Hing. Paul was born and raised in Hong Kong and has helped the company capture the local market by identifying local favourites.

Paul brings extensive sales experience developed through his experiences in the education field, from starting his own businesses to running a company of over 120 people. Paul brings a service mindset to always go the extra mile and focus on the user experience to drive his every decision and to bring the company to the next level. 

Paul will be speaking at Panel 7: The Next Byte