Pierre Stanghellini

Pierre Stanghellini is the founder of the Revolutionary digital Hospitality platform, HARi, a Marketing Strategy and Business Development expert and the vice-president of the F&B Committee of the French Chamber in Hong Kong. He has considerable experience in sales & marketing, notably in hospitality and has worked for some of the biggest groups of the market.

Pierre advocates for multiculturalism and diversity. He is French but was born and raised in Africa until the age of 15.  He has spent the past 10 years in Asia on an ambitions journey in the F&B industry which took him through companies such as Aqua group, PURE International, Le Comptoir group and Pernod Ricard. He has Consulted for more than 30 &B groups in Asia and Europe. 

However it was his out-of-the-box way of thinking that led him to come up with a digital tool which would re-engineer the entire customer management approach in the Hospitality industry, this is where HARi was born.

HARi is a Revolutionary Digital platform with a fully integrated customer online / onsite management system. It is a complete tool that reaches from the e-booking on website to the loyalty system, including the POS, table management and inventory. 

HARi's Mission is to help restaurants and bars increase their traffic in the venues, economic growth and brand loyalty.

With the help of algorithms and predictive analytics, the HARi platform empowers restaurant managers to have the necessary market insight to be one step ahead.

The goal of HARI is simple: WTF (as Write The Future).

Pierre is speaking on Panel 7: The Next Byte