Rickard Öste

Rickard Öste is one of the original inventors of the oat milk (OATLY) and founder as well as major owner of the company Ceba AB (1994) and its daughter companies OATLY AB and the research company Aventure AB. He has over 25 years experience of senior research and development in both academic and commercial contexts. His work focus both basic and applied food chemistry and nutrition. He has over 100 publications, including original contributions, reviews and popular science as well as patents that are currently being industrially exploited.

In addition to Ceba AB, Rickard Öste and colleagues also started the company Agrovision AB (1993) which early utilized state of the art algorithms (simulated neural networks) to image analyze grain quality (later granules for the pharma industry).

Recently he and colleagues with oat interests and relevant scientific knowledge started CropTailor AB (2006), a company devoted to the development of new, unique oat varieties using molecular biology (outside GMO).

Rickard Öste is now leading the development of new products and patents within the food sector and within medical diagnostics from the research company Aventure AB. In addition, he is part time professor (20%) at the department of applied nutrition at Lund University in southern Sweden.

Rickard is speaking on Panel 5: Enlightened Edibles - Putting the “Super” in Food