Saadia Usmani

Brought up in the UK, Saadia has over 30 years of media experience working in England, Scotland, Wales and Hong Kong.

Saadia started her career with the BBC and spent 15 years in broadcasting working in BBC Local Radio and Television, as a presenter, producer and researcher. She then moved into Public Relations and spent 14 years strengthening the media awareness of various NGO’s in the UK.

In 2011, following her experiences in the Third Sector, she founded Shor Communications a media consultancy providing ‘no frills’ media and crisis management training specifically aimed at SME and NGO’s with limited budgets. Saadia is still actively involved in delivering media and crisis management training to her clients in the UK.

Saadia moved to Hong Kong in 2016 and promptly flagged up her credentials with Radio Television Hong Kong. She currently works as a freelance presenter and producer on Radio 3 and you can hear her dulcet tones on the 123 Show, Morning Brew and Drive Time.

When she’s not on air or managing a crisis, Saadia is an avid cook and Foodie!  Brought up in a family and culture where hospitality and food play a major role, Saadia spent much of her childhood in the kitchen with her mum, an entrepreneur and an amazing cook who ran her own ‘take-away’ in the 1970’s in Tooting, South West London. 

 Saadia is moderating Panel 4: The New Protein Pioneers