Shane Osborn

Shane Osborn has been making a name for himself ever since he became the first-ever Australian head chef to propel a restaurant to Michelin-starred status. It was at London’s renowned Pied à Terre, and that was at the tender young age of 29. He then managed to gain a second star before leaving to travel the globe and resurface on Hong Kong’s shores, taking the helm at now-closed St Betty at ifc mall. A few years later, he opened his own restaurant, Arcane, which has gained a following of loyal guests who come for the refined modern European cuisine and stay for the relaxed and friendly environment combined with top service.

Netflix’s The Final Table then came to call, and Chef Osborn wowed the crowds with both his skills and that of his show partner, Mark Best, and their feel-good rapport had viewers rooting for them until the bitter end.

In June the chef has opened his second Hong Kong restaurant, Cornerstone.

Shane is speaking on Panel 2: Dining in 2030 - From SF to HK