The Future is Circular: Waste to Wealth

Food waste is one of the century’s major challenges. Join Circular Community HK to learn how innovators in the food industry are finding creative ways to minimise waste, and be inspired to imagine new ways to repurpose valuable resources. Take part in one of six groups exploring various stages of the supply chain, from production to packaging to plate, and make beautiful maps of circular solutions

Anna Simpson

Anna Simpson

Director, Flux Compass

Anna Simpson is one of the co-founders of Circular Community HK. She is also Director of the creative transformation agency Flux Compass, Curator of The Futures Centre, a Co-active Life Coach, and author of The Innovation-Friendly Organization.


Petra Schweiger


Petra Schweiger is the owner of LILY FLD, an import and distribution company for premium quality, fully biodegradable single-use drinking straws made in Germany. Sustainability has been deeply ingrained in her from an early age. Even after moving to an urban centre like Hong Kong, her love for outdoors and the ocean brought her to live in a small village on the beach. Seeing first-hand the scale of plastic waste in the ocean, on our beaches and everywhere else, made her even more passionate about this issue. Her mission: let’s replace plastic straws while we are on the way to reduce straws altogether.

Alex Macro.jpeg

Alex Macro

Alex Macro is an award-winning photographer who uses his experience with big brands to campaign for the environment and the people who struggle to live in it.

Tanja Wessels.jpeg

Tanja Wessels

Activist, aggregator, agitator, Tanja Wessels studied filmmaking and art in Lisbon and London before moving to Asia in 2006. In addition to being a founding element of Circular Community HK, Tanja runs a platform: All In–Asia where she connects local pioneers in environmentalism, aligned in values but from very different industries—fashion to food, art to animal welfare—to respond to the ecological sign of the times.

Neil Williams.jpeg

Neil Williams

Neil Williams is a Design Strategist and lecturer actively promoting methods that place people, their emotions and activities at the centre of any design process. Neil has a Masters Degree in Design Strategies and twenty years of experience designing multi-sensory experiences and interactive multimedia content for Government, museums and corporations. Having lived in Hong Kong for fifteen years, Neil is keen to promote design methods that help the community grow and evolve to be more circular and self-sustaining.


Hannah Chung

Hannah Chung is currently on a zero waste challenge; she seeks eco-alternatives and green solutions for everyday living while aiming to achieve zero waste in Hong Kong. Originally from London, she’s been shocked to see the lack of infrastructures in place for waste management and recycling in this city, and aims to spread the word on the extent of the problem and how the individual can make a difference simply by making a few changes. Follow her on Instagram @thezerowastechallenge for regular tips and updates.