The Future of Urban Farming

The advances and applications of urban farming


Pol Fàbrega

Co-Founder, Rooftop Republic Urban Farming

Pol Fàbrega is the co-founder of Rooftop Republic and has been pioneering the urban farming movement in Hong Kong over the last five years. Originally from Barcelona, Pol started his career in the non profit sector working on a wide range of issues, from human trafficking to education and human rights. In 2012, he relocated to Hong Kong where he has been working to help transform the way we grow, consume and think about food. Within the first two years of operations, Rooftop Republic has transformed over 23,000 square feet of underused space into 30 urban farms across Hong Kong and China and has organised more than 230 events around organic farming and sustainable living. On his own rooftop, Pol is currently growing chilies, pumpkins, eggplants, morning glory, amaranth, rosemary, oregano, basil and mint!

Fai Hui

Fai Hui

Founder, Wildroots Organic

Fai Hui is a certified horticulturist and Urban Farming specialist. He grows organic vegetables and herbs on commercial rooftops in Hong Kong, and has been featured on CNN's Going Green. He teaches Urban Farming and Sustainability programmes for HKU, PolyU and other schools and companies. As a production grower, that has earned his Organic Inspector qualification, he brings real-world insight to the challenges faced by farmers. A co-founder of Go Green Hong Kong, he edits and writes articles about agriculture. Fai completed his undergrad in economics at the University of Toronto, and earned his law degree from the University of British Columbia. 


Jessica Fong

Co-Founder & General Manager, Common Farms

Jessica Fong is a Co-Founder and the General Manager of Common Farms, a Hong Kong-based agriculture startup devoted to spreading indoor farming practices throughout the local community. In a little over a year, she has spearheaded the growth of Common Farms from a 400 sq ft test farm in Cheung Chau to a community engagement and marketing platform with the help of her Co-Founders and other partners. Jessica's connection to food started during her time establishing a highly-successful restaurant group (The Caprioli Management- Giando, Fishsteria,, Gia Trattoria) in Hong Kong. It was during one of her many sourcing trips to Italy that she realised the importance of making high quality, nutritious, and freshly-grown foods more accessible to the wider Hong Kong community.

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Edmund To

CEO & Founder, Urban Grow

Edmund To has dreams of making sustainable, safe, fresh, local produce affordable to all people. With his connections and knowledge gathered throughout his hospitality management background and his firm grasp on technology, Edmund hopes to bring together agriculture, technology, and the local community to transition to a better food future.