Dining in 2030

Top restaurateurs in Hong Kong and Greater China on how they’ve remained competitive over the years and how they are evolving to keep ahead and stay relevant


Alicia Walker

Editor-in-chief, Foodie Group Limited

Alicia Walker has held the role of Editor-in-Chief of Foodie for six years and is responsible for the creative process of the much-loved Hong Kong print magazine and the digital version afoodieworld.com. She has observed and participated in the evolution of the Hong Kong dining landscape through its many revolutions and is inspired and excited by the building wave of mindful dining practices and being part of Hong Kong's food future.

Michelle Garnaut

Founder & CEO, M Restaurant Group

Michelle Garnaut began her career as one of China's most celebrated restaurateurs in 1989, when she opened M at the Fringe in Hong Kong. It swiftly grew into a city institution, and in 1999, M on the Bund opened, the first independent restaurant on the historic Shanghai waterfront. Like its predecessor, it soon became a beloved oasis for locals, visitors and lovers of good food and warm service. In 2009, she opened Capital M on Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

Uwe Opocensky

Group Executive Chef, Beef & Liberty and Uwe

With a stellar resume that packs centuries of culinary skills into two decades of experience, world class German-born Chef Uwe Opocensky continues to charge up and up. Best known for his recent 9-year tenure as Executive Chef at the iconic Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, Opocensky was responsible for overseeing 10 outstanding bars and restaurants — three with Michelin stars, and all with countless awards to their names.

May Chow

May Chow

Chef, Little Bao & Happy Paradise

Named Asia’s Best Female Chef 2017, May Chow has garnered both critical acclaim and a loyal following of diners. Whether presenting a personal take on classic Chinese flavours in a casual American-style diner setting or elevating traditional recipes with all the refinement and sophistication of fine-dining, Chow is committed to exploring, redefining and exalting the value of traditional ingredients and local culinary history.

Jowett Yu

Jowett Yu

Executive Chef, Ho Lee Fook

Jowett Yu brings his diverse culinary background and passion for Chinese flavors to his position as Executive Chef at Black Sheep Restaurants, overseeing restaurants including Canton Disco, Ho Lee Fook, Fukuro, Le Garçon Saigon and Le Petit Saigon. Yu’s cooking style reflects his Taiwanese heritage and extensive time spent in Chinese communities around the globe. His distinct take on regional cuisine combines the familiar flavours of traditional dishes with premium local ingredients, modern techniques and refined aesthetic sensibilities.