The Future of Seafood

90% of the world’s oceans are fully or over fished, and we may run out of fish by 2045. Find out what else is happening to our seafood, and what we can do about it


Bertha Lo

Communications Manager, ADM Capital Foundation

Bertha Lo is responsible for driving campaigns to raise awareness on important and pressing environment issues. As part of ADMCF’s marine programme, she interfaces with consumers and companies to make sustainable choices. ADMCF is a philanthropic organisation that works to enhance environmental protection in Asia. It has numerous programmes which focus on air quality, water quality, marine ecosystem, landscapes, and wildlife trade.

Benjamin So

Benjamin So

Chairman, Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Coalition

Founder, 178 Degrees

Ben So is a Hong Kong native and a Kiwi. Both aspects of his upbringing have been instrumental in the creation of 178 Degrees, which he founded in 2015. 178 Degrees supplies fine-dining venues and more recently established an online retail store to provide healthy and responsibly sourced foodstuffs to Hong Kong families.

Sustainability is central to 178 Degrees’ ethos and is a cause that Ben advocates passionately as company founder. Outside of 178 Degrees, Ben is Chairman of the Hong Kong’s Sustainable Seafood Coalition, which promotes the consumption of responsibly sourced marine species.

Tracy Tsang

Tracy Tsang

Senior Programme Officer, Oceans Sustainability, WWF-Hong Kong

Tracy Tsang joined WWF in 2012 and is now Senior Programme Officer, Oceans Sustainability. She leads the shark conservation programme in WWF-Hong Kong, and is the key member to contribute to WWF-International’s shark programme. Early in her career, she was a marketing professional in media industry.


Tom Burney

Founder and Chef, Invisible Kitchen

Tom Burney is the founder and Executive Chef of Invisible Kitchen catering company- with the aim of being Hong Kong’s greenest and most customer-focused catering company. He has also worked as a private chef (including for celebrities Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Chris Hemsworth & Keanu Reeves).