Saturday, 22 September

Talks and Workshops

Summit attendees will be able to have more intimate discussions and hands-on experiences in a wide range of interesting topics imminent to our food's future and lead by experts and warriors.


Hacking Food's Future

What does the future of food hold? Delve deeper into big picture trajectories on demand and supply, and the effects of climate change


The Future of Food Safety

Worried about food fraud and scandals? We explore how technological advances can ensure that our food is really what it claims to be on the label


The Future of Protein

The problems with traditional proteins and the alternatives available in supermarkets and restaurants


The Future is Circular: Waste to Wealth

There’s waste at every stage of the food supply chain. Join this workshop led by Circular Community HK to brainstorm how various waste outputs can become valuable resources


The Future of Urban Farming

The advances and applications of urban farming


The Future of Seafood

90% of the world’s oceans are fully or over fished, and we may run out of fish by 2045.   Find out what else is happening to our seafood, and what we can do about it.


The Future of Waste

Uncover the current situation of waste management and recycling, and solutions for Hong Kong and beyond industry experts. Plus, join an interactive battle of straws!